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Parking at the airport: Comparison of services in Košice, Bratislava, Vienna, Prague and Budapest

When planning an air trip, we often place great emphasis on the selection of plane tickets, accommodation and the program at the destination. However, one important aspect of preparation is often left in the shadows until the last minute – parking at the airport. 

In this article, we will look at the importance and benefits of airport parking planning in various cities such as Bratislava, Košice, Vienna, Prague and Budapest. Whether you are looking for short-term or long-term parking solutions, airports offer a wide variety of options and services that are tailored to the needs of travelers. 

Why is it important to plan ahead for airport parking?

There are several important reasons why you should think about parking in advance, including the ability to save money, secure a space and start your journey calmly and stress-free. Let's take a closer look at some of these reasons.

Last minute price increase

One of the most important factors for planning ahead for airport parking is cost. Like ticket prices, airport parking prices can fluctuate significantly depending on demand and availability. 

If you reserve a parking space at the last minute, you may end up paying significantly higher fees than if you reserved a parking space in advance. Booking early can help you lock in a lower price and save you money that you can use for other aspects of your trip.

Limited availability of places

Airports are often very busy places, and this also applies to their parking lots. Depending on the season, holidays or special events, parking may be limited. If you leave your parking reservation until the last minute, you run the risk of not finding an available space, and this can cause significant inconvenience and stress before your flight. 

By making an early reservation, you not only secure a place, but also peace of mind, knowing that you have parking sorted.

Peace of mind before the trip

Planning your airport parking ahead of time contributes to an overall smooth start to your journey traveling abroad. Nothing adds to stress more than dealing with last-minute logistical issues. 

Having a parking space secured in advance allows you to prepare for your trip with peace of mind, avoid the unnecessary stress of finding a parking space on the day of departure and start your adventure with a light heart. 

Parking at the airport

Security aspects of parking at airports

The safety of the vehicle during your absence is one of the main concerns of any traveler who decides to use airport parking. Due to risks such as theft or damage to the vehicle, it is important to consider the security aspects of airport parking services.

Nowadays, many airport car parks offer advanced security measures to ensure the protection of your vehicles. Let's take a look at some of the key aspects that contribute to the safety of your vehicle while parking at the airport.

Cameras and security services

Many airport parking lots are equipped with an extensive system of security cameras that constantly monitor the entire area. These cameras act as a deterrent against would-be thieves while also providing important records in the event of an incident. 

In addition, quality airport parking services usually include regular security patrols to provide an additional layer of protection. This combination of measures helps ensure that your vehicle is safe while you are away.

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Car insurance during parking

When choosing an airport parking space, it is important to find out if the parking facility provides insurance for the vehicles in their care. This protection can cover various events, including theft or damage to the vehicle. 

Please note that the terms and scope of insurance may vary, so it is important to read the terms and conditions provided by the valet service carefully before booking. 

Lockable parking spaces

Some airport car parks offer the option of lockable parking spaces or individual garages, which provide maximum security for your vehicle. These lockable places are ideal for travelers looking for the highest possible level of protection for their vehicle. 

While this service may be more expensive, it offers unprecedented protection against theft, vandalism and adverse weather conditions. 

Passenger at the airport

Alternative methods of transport to the airport

When planning your trip to the airport, it's important to consider all available transportation options to strike a balance between cost and convenience. 

Comparison of the cost and convenience of public transport, taxi services and shared rides

Public transportation is often the most economical choice for travelers. Many cities have buses, trains, or subways that go directly to the airport. Although traveling by public transport may be the most cost-effective, it may require more planning due to timetables and the potential need for transfers. 

Taxi services and shared rides offer more convenience as they can pick you up directly from your home and take you to the terminal. When deciding on the best airport transportation option, it is important to consider various factors such as total cost, convenience, travel time and amount of luggage.

For those traveling through multiple countries with a need highway stamps for the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Austria, using public transport or ride-sharing services can be a way to avoid additional costs. 

Park and ride options in the vicinity of airports

Park and ride systems are an excellent alternative for those who want to use their own car to get to the airport, but don't want to pay high airport parking fees. These car parks are often located near major transport hubs and offer a free or discounted transfer to the airport. 

Although it may require a little more planning, the combination of the convenience of a personal vehicle and the savings on parking costs can be an ideal choice for many travelers.

MRŠtefánika Bratislava Airport

MRŠtefánika International Airport in Bratislava offers various parking options, from short-term to long-term, including VIP services. 

Airport Bratislava

What parking options does the airport offer?

Short-term parking: Ideal for those coming to the airport to drop off or pick up passengers. The airport provides the possibility of short-term parking near the terminals, while the first 15 minutes are free.

Long-term parking: For passengers who plan to leave their vehicle at the airport for a longer period, parking areas P1, P2 and P3 are available. Prices vary depending on the length of parking and the location of the parking lot. Long-term parking is suitable for those traveling on holiday or business.

The parking prices of the main parking lot P2 can be found in the following table. Alternatively, you can check them on the airport's main website. Prices vary depending on payment method and season.

Standing time


15 minutes


1 hour

5 €

every other hour started

5 €

1 day

from €32

2–3 days

from €36

4–5 days

from €48

6 days

from €64

Every other day until the 15th day

the price increases by approximately €10

15 to 20 days

140 €

Loss of ticket

200 €

Saving tips

Early bookings: One of the best ways to save on airport parking is to make use of early online reservations. Parking prices can be significantly lower if you reserve a space in advance.

Online reservation of parking spaces

The online reservation service offers 670 parking spaces in the P2 parking lot, which you can view on the attached map on the airport website. After successful registration, you can reserve a parking space for one day or for a longer period.

The process of reserving a parking space is quick and intuitive, and payment can be made through an online payment gateway. After purchasing a parking space, you will receive a QR code. Save this code in your mobile phone or print it out just in case. The QR code will be required when entering the parking lot.

Entry machines are equipped with scanners that can recognize QR codes in digital form on your phone or those printed on paper. After scanning your QR code, the machine will issue you a ticket, which will be needed when leaving the parking lot.

Alternative parking services: The vicinity of the airport often offers alternative parking options with a transfer to the airport. These services can be more cost-effective, especially for long-term parking.

Parking at the Bratislava airport it will cost you from €20 per day of parking. Prices vary depending on the length of parking and the seasonal use of the parking lot. 

Number of days

Parking in season

 1/1/2024 – 31/5/2024

Parking in season 

1.6.2024 – 30.9.2024


from €20

from €30


from €23

from €35


from €27

from €40


from €36

from €55


from €52

from €90


from €62

from €115


from €74

from €160


from €92

from €210


from €107

from €260

Transfer service:

  • Transportation to Bratislava airport and back
  • Transport to or from Bratislava up to a distance of 25 km
  • Transportation from or to Schwechat Airport in Vienna or vice versa (for max. 4 persons or 5-8 persons)

You can find the conditions of the transfer as well as the current parking prices on the website parking at Monti airport.

When choosing the most suitable parking option at MR Štefánika airport in Bratislava, it is important to consider the length of your trip, your budget and the desired comfort. With proper planning, you can start your journey without stress and unnecessary expenses.

Košice International Airport

In addition to 9 regular direct routes, the airport also offers charter connections to several holiday destinations.

Košice Airport

When you arrive at the airport, you can choose from the following three parking options:

1. P1 – Short-term parking right in front of the terminal: The price for parking on P1 starts at €5 for the first hour. A fee of €4 is charged for each additional hour.

2. P2 – Parking lot for short meetings: If you are interested in seeing off, welcoming or taking away your friends, family or business partner, you can use the P2 parking lot, where the first 10 minutes of parking are free. If you do not mark the parking ticket in the payment machine before this time expires, the parking fee for 1 hour (including 10 free minutes) is €2.50.

3. P3 – Long-term parking: Economically advantageous long-term parking in the P3 parking lot is available for travelers on vacation or a longer business trip. Detailed prices for long-term parking can be found in the price list on the airport website.

The parking lot does not require a reservation and has a sufficient number of parking spaces. Your vehicle will be constantly monitored by a camera system during parking. When entering the parking lot, do not forget to take the parking ticket, which is necessary for paying the parking fee and leaving the parking lot. The parking system is fully automated.

You can pay for the parking fee at two payment machines located in front of the terminal building. Payment is possible in cash (coins in the value of €0.10, €0.20, €0.50, €1, €2 and banknotes in the value of €5, €10, €20, €50) or by payment card, including contactless payments.

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Use of public transport as an alternative to parking

Public transport in Košice offers an efficient and affordable way to get from the city center to the airport without the need for a car. Bus number 23 provides a connection between the airport and the city center, as well as with the main railway and bus station. This line will provide you with comfortable and efficient transport directly to the airport.

Václav Havel Airport Prague

Prague Airport offers a wide range of services that ensure that your departure is as comfortable and hassle-free as possible. 

Prague Airport

Online booking and transfer to the airport

With the online parking space reservation option, you can secure your parking spot in advance, often at more favorable prices. Outdoor parking will cost you 890 CZK for 8 days. 

If you prefer covered parking, the airport also offers this option. In this case, the price of parking for 8 days is CZK 1,090. Your car will be continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, under the supervision of a qualified physical guard. It is also protected by a state-of-the-art camera surveillance system and is also insured against any damage.   

Online booking is simple and intuitive, plus it offers free cancellation if your plans change.

There is also a transfer to the airport, which means that after parking your car, you can comfortably and quickly get directly to the terminals without any further worries.

Additional services include washing the car while parking and recharging the electric car

Prague Airport understands the needs of modern passengers, and therefore, in addition to traditional parking, it also offers additional services that will allow you to return to a clean and fully charged vehicle. 

Car wash and electric car charging are available for those using long-term parking, and represent a significant convenience especially for those on the road for longer periods.

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Vienna Schwechat Airport

Parking at Vienna Schwechat Airport  offers different options and price categories depending on your needs and length of stay. 

Whether you are looking for short-term or long-term parking, the airport has several parking options, including car parks C, car parks P3 and P4, as well as special short-term car parks K1, K4 and K3. 

Vienna Airport

Advantages of booking a parking space online

Booking a parking space online brings several advantages, including securing a space before arriving at the airport. Online booking is simple and intuitive, allowing you to choose the car park according to your preferences and secure your space in advance, which is especially useful during busy periods such as summer holidays.

Parking prices are flexible and adapt to the current level of demand. The client has the opportunity to independently create a reservation and modify it according to his needs. Reservation of a parking space is available up to 12 hours before the expected start of parking.

Parking outside the airport

Maximize your savings by using the Mazur car park, located just 6 km from the airport terminals. For your convenience, free bus transportation there and back is provided.

You have the option to purchase a parking ticket directly on the spot after arriving at the parking lot, or you can conveniently book it online up to 12 hours before your planned arrival.

Price list of parking fees at the Mazur parking lot:

  • You pay €3.70 for 1 hour of parking.
  • One-day parking will cost you €26.90.
  • You pay €89.90 for weekly parking.
  • Two-week parking costs €119.90.
  • And three weeks of parking will cost you €142.90.

Disabled parking

Vienna Schwechat Airport also thinks about passengers with reduced mobility and offers disabled parking spaces that are strategically located near the entrances to the terminals to facilitate access and increase convenience.

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Ferihegy Budapest Airport

Budapest Airport offers a wide range of parking services. 

Budapest Airport

Airport parking services:

  • The parking lot is guarded 24 hours a day, surrounded by a stone wall, an industrial fence and a barrier.
  • Covered and uncovered parking spaces.
  • The entire parking area is monitored by cameras.
  • Possibility to reserve a parking space online or by phone.
  • You can pay for parking by bank card or cash.
  • Free airport transfer to and from both terminals of Ferihegy Airport, available 24/7.
  • The possibility of taking out luggage and passenger insurance, online or on site at the parking lot office.
  • Rental of minibuses with a driver.
  • During your stay in the car park, if requested at the time of booking, the exterior and/or interior of your car will be cleaned prior to your return.

Prices for parking

At the Budapest airport parking lot, you will pay for parking your car from 7,800 HUF for 1 day of parking in an open-air parking lot and approximately 18,500 HUF for 8 days in a covered parking lot. Prices depend on the length of parking. 

It is most worthwhile to park here for 3 to 8 days, when the parking lot offers discounted rates.

At the end

Whether you're planning a short business trip or a long vacation, choosing the right parking space can have a significant impact on your overall travel experience. With proper planning and the use of available online tools and services, you can start your journey relaxed and confident that your vehicle is safe and well cared for.

Ultimately, whether it's parking at Košice, Bratislava, Vienna Schwechat, Prague or Budapest, the key is to check your options in advance and choose the one that best suits your needs and budget so that you can start and end your trip as soon as possible. most convenient.

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