Taxi to the airport

Why take a taxi to the airport?

Traveling to the airport can be stressful. A missed flight, loss of luggage or unpredictable complications in traffic - all of this can make your trip unpleasant before it even begins. That is why choosing the right means of transport is crucial. The taxi has become synonymous with comfort and efficiency in transportation to airports around the world. With LUXI taxi Košice, you get not only a luxurious driving experience, but also the certainty that you will arrive at the airport on time, comfortably and without unnecessary complications. No more panicking or checking the time every five minutes. Our reliable service allows you to start your trip or business trip off on the right foot – all in the style you deserve.

Have you ever wondered what makes a perfect trip to the airport? At the beginning, we will use an illustration through a food metaphor. When buying eggs, you can choose from 3 classes according to breeding quality. Likewise, traveling isn't just about getting from point A to point B. It's about peace of mind, comfort and the assurance that you're in for a flawless experience. With LUXI taxi Košice you get all this and more. Our modern vehicles, professional drivers and uncompromising commitment to excellent service ensure that your airport transfer is always smooth and elegant. It doesn't matter whether you are traveling for business, vacation or simply need reliable transportation, LUXI taxi Košice is your first choice. With us, you will turn a routine transfer to the airport into a pleasant part of your travel.

Advantages of LUXI taxi for trips to the airport

1. Punctuality: Guaranteed arrival on time and knowledge of optimal routes to the airport.
2. Comfort: Comfortable vehicles that provide relaxation before or after a long flight.
3. Tailor-made service: Possibility of ordering a vehicle with a child car seat, space for larger luggage, etc.

Steps to the ideal journey to the airport with LUXI taxi


Every traveler knows that a successful trip or business trip starts with good planning. And booking a taxi is one of the key moments that can ensure a smooth entry into your adventures. With LUXI taxi Košice, this process is a piece of cake. We recommend booking your ride at least 24 hours in advance so that we can secure the optimal vehicle and driver for your needs. With our simple online reservation system via the web, or even a classic phone call, you can secure your ride quickly and conveniently.

After successfully booking through our website, just check the date, time and pick-up location in the confirmation email so you can sleep easy knowing that your airport transfer is in the best hands. Therefore, when you plan your next trip, don't forget the most important thing - book a LUXI taxi Košice and travel stress-free.


Imagine a pleasant drive where you are in the comfort of the back seat and suddenly you realize that you forgot something! To avoid this situation, take the time to make a must-have list and packing tips. Make sure you have all your travel documents, a charged mobile phone, a charger and comfortable shoes. When packing, try to layer your clothes and don't forget about liquids in your hand luggage. Finally, carefully check the reservation email from LUXI taxi and set an alarm or notification well in advance. With a little foresight and preparation, you can look forward to a trip without stress and complications.


You don't have to worry, because the professional drivers of LUXI taxi Košice are already ready for you. Trust that with advance notice and our reliable service, you can avoid unforeseen complications and arrive at the airport rested with enough time. During longer journeys to more distant airports, such as Budapest airport, Vienna airport, or Krakow airport and others, we will be happy to make your trip pleasant with a glass of chilled Prosecco. Be prepared, avoid travel stress and enjoy your trip with LUXI taxi Košice!

Additional tips for a smooth transfer to the airport

TIP No. 1 – How to communicate with the driver and what to expect from his services

Are you going on a trip and don't know what to expect from the driver? Do you have bad experiences with drivers from the past? With LUXI taxi Košice, we will introduce you to a new level of service. Communication with the driver is smooth and pleasant, and our professional drivers are here to ensure a safe and comfortable airport transfer. Expect not only a timely arrival and a comfortable vehicle, but also attention to every detail that will make your trip to the airport more pleasant. Be at ease, you will be in the best hands with LUXI taxi Košice!

TIP No. 2 – How to find your LUXI taxi when returning from a trip

Have you just landed and your thoughts are on getting out of the airport quickly and comfortably? With LUXI taxi Košice it's a piece of cake! All you have to do is open our website on your mobile phone, where you can order a vehicle through the reservation system. However, for transfers from more distant airports, we recommend that you make a reservation 24 hours in advance, along with indicating your flight number.

If you are flying there and back, use the option of booking a two-way transfer to the airport via our website. Always include the flight number in case of any airline delay, so your LUXI driver will easily be in control of the situation.

Authentic experiences of LUXI taxi Košice clients when traveling to the airport

"You are doing very well. Just like your colleague who drove us to the airport - the journey with him was very pleasant. If you continue like this, you will be successful."

Milan and his family, Košice - Ťahanovce

"Well thank you. I am satisfied. At the beginning I was just a little stressed, as I was traveling with you for the first time, but otherwise great."

Mária with her son, Košice - Ťahanovce

The meaning of stress-free travel

Each of us wants to start our journey without nervousness and tension. And the trip to the airport can be the key factor that will affect your mood for the rest of the trip, or leave the last impression of the trip. With LUXI taxi Košice, you can sit comfortably, enjoy the comfortable environment and leave the driving in the hands of our experienced drivers. Leave your worries at the door and enter the world of stress-free travel with LUXI. Your well-being starts before you even get out of the car.

Dear readers, dare to try something different and extraordinary on your next trip to/from the airport. Let us be part of your travel experience and experience comfort and reliability with LUXI taxi Košice. The challenge is on the table: Make your next trip something special. We are looking forward to you!